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These lists contain contemporary words in Latin for use in creative writing using the Latin language. The classroom segment contains words that may used to make signs to post on objects in the classroom or around the school. These may be useful for Open House or Foreign Language week activities. Students are encouraged to use Latin terms as much as possible when asking questions or referring to objects.

Various issues of the no longer published Pompeiiana Newsletter
John Traupman's Conversational Latin (2nd Ed.) published by Bolchazy-Carducci
Eli Publications: Iuvenis and Adulescens,
Wonderful cooperative sharing of colleagues.
Terms created based on similar French terminology.

Revised August 2007

Dining - Food

Category Latin Principal Parts English Meaning English Derivative
Dining prandium prandii n. lunch

ientaculum ientaculi n. breakfast

cena cenae f. dinner

vegetarius vegetarium vegetarian

purus purum kosher

Sanitas! Bona! Bene tibi Sit!
Health, Good things, May it be well for you (sg.) AKA:Cheers!

Let's Eat!

Laetitia omnibus
Happiness to all!

pretium fer
bring the bill
Manners si tibi placeat

gratias tibi
thank you

nihil est
not at all, 'tis nothing

ignosce mihi
excuse me
Food panis panis m. bread

potio potionis f. beverage

coffea Arabica coffeae f. coffee

thea theae f. tea

sucus suci m. juice

aqua aquae f. water

lac lactis n. milk

cerevista cerevistae f. beer

vinum vini n. wine

sal salis m. salt

piper piperis n. pepper

caro caronis m. meat

bubula bubulae f. beef

porcina porcinae f. pork

piscis piscis m. fish

pullus pulli m. chicken

holus holeris n. vegetable

fructus fructüs m. fruit

solanum tubersum solani n. potato

acetaria acetariae f. salad

secuna meusa secunae meusae f. dessert

gelatum gelati n. ice cream

gustatio gustationis f. hors d'oeuvre
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