Assignment: Creating within a Limited Format

The Greeks, and others, who shared their belief in logic, order, and simplicity, were among the most creative artists of all time. However, many of their works (the kouros, for example, and plays, which incorporated the "three unities") were produced within a restrictive set of rules.

Will rules or stringent guidelines cause you to be more or less creative? How does the creative process work when your guidelines are restrictive? Consider these question as your project takes shape.

Project: Produce a picture of an apple with a stem and a leaf. Use a two-dimensional format-a square measuring exactly 4"x4". The challenge is to find a way to make your work of art interesting and distinctive. Give yourself some thinking or drafting time before you begin.

Point Value: 25

Suggested time frame: one class period and time to finish at home.

Materials: ruler and T-square, or grid paper-whatever it takes to make a perfect 4 x 4 square. Pencil, chalk, crayons, markers, paper, collage materials, magazine, "found" objects... the list of possible materials is endless.

Grading Criteria:

Upapple Downapple Upapple


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