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Overview: Students create a small exhibit of four to six pieces of artwork based on a THEME. They will use the websites at the bottom of this page or others that you choose.




Up for a video? Consider using our Electronic Field Trip to the JB Speed Art Museum as a starting point for this project. Click the link for air dates and a complete print packet. This program is also available as Broadcast 28, Humanities through the Arts.

A field trip? After your students have watched KET's Electronic Field Trip to the Speed Museum and created their own art exhibit, they are probably ready for the real thing! (But are YOU??) Click on the following web sites for names and phone numbers of museum personnel who will help make the planning easier.

Portfolio option: Have students write a review of a project other than their own. The subject may be an exhibit that they found interesting, disturbing, or thought-provoking.

For starters, some web sites:

This assignment addresses these KDE Academic Expectations:

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