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Contributions of Mesopotamia

 Artifact - An artifact is a product of a particular time and place, more than that it represents the IDEAS and TECHNOLOGY of a particular civilization.

Many examples of artifacts are not what we'd call art in our society... yet when we look at these artifacts they make us think...and wonder...about the culture that produced it. Sometimes a work of ART pushes us to think about science or technology.

Sumerian Accomplishments

So-without this ancient TECHNOLOGY back in 2500 BC, the STUNNING arts of Sumer wouldn't have been.

MESOPOTAMIA - This region is known as the Fertile Crescent or land between the rivers-the Tigris and Euphrates. The name Mesopotamia comes from ancient Greek words meaning "between rivers"--which exactly describes its situation. This land is shared today by Syria and Iraq.

The people in the Mesopotamia region led us toward civilization. The earliest men were hunters and gatherers-NOMADS. The FIRST REVOLUTION was in 6000 BC when the hunters and gatherers in this region became FARMERS. It was in this region that people began to produce barley and wheat in a systematic way-and here that the domestication of animals such as sheep, cattle, and goats began. When the Mesopotamians became producers instead of gatherers, everything changed. The people didn't have to follow the availability of wild berries and grains....they didn't have to keep up with herds of wild animals so they began to build houses. These houses also gave them protection from hostile tribes.

If people were going to stay in one place they had to have a permanent shelter and the terrain provided the structure:

So the natural resources DECIDED FOR the people of Mesopotamia how they'd build their HOUSES.

Here are some TOOLS that date to this time...

This FERTILE CRESCENT gave a reason to be organized and specialized, and it give the people enough FOOD so that they could INVENT and CREATE HOMES. It also gave the people a REASON to be in one place.

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