Ancient Civilizations

Tell Asmar Activity
Paris High School humanities students as Tell Asmar figures

At Paris High School, the humanities class becomes the humanities experience. Students get a hands-on viewpoint of history, as they are actively involved in the arts of different time periods. Recently, the class studied ancient Mesopotamia and learned about the purposes of votive figures (statues) used in Mesopotamian temples. Students learned that these figures are easily recognizable by their kilts, pose, and enlarged eyes. Another concept learned, is that in ancient art many times the importance of different figures was symbolized by size. Students really got "into" the lesson as they dressed as these figures and created different "sizes" to show hierarchy of the figures.

Before starting this project remind the students of the 3 conventions of Sumerian Art:

Review the concept of HIERARCHY OF SIZE and how the 3 conventions of Sumerian Art can be identified in the Tell Asmar figures:

Materials needed for this project:

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