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Kentucky Registration / Enrollment 2016-2017

» Kentucky Registration Form (ALL schools must provide a facilitator)


It is the school's responsibility to ensure that students have completed all prerequisites prior to registration. In some upper level courses KET requires students to take an entrance exam. The school must meet all classroom technical requirements of the courses (including, but not limited to: Internet connectivity, computer requirements, Skype capabilities, and telephone lines) prior to the first day of classes. KET Distance Learning courses are state-approved, taught by certified teachers and are eligible for high school credit (one Carnegie Unit per course) from the school.


It is the responsibility of the school administration to ensure that all equipment and software is installed and operational prior to the start of classes.

  • Color television or smartboard if using DVDs (does not apply to Virtual Physics Lab)
  • DVD player or smartboard, or individual computers with CD/DVD drive if you are using CDs/DVDs (does not apply to Virtual Physics Lab)
  • Private phone line with telephone and/or computer with Skype capabilities (does not apply to Virtual Physics Lab)
  • Computer(s) with Internet connection and access to Adobe Flash Player, Quick Time, Windows Media Player and/or RealMedia Player
  • Active subscription to Discovery Education for Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.


All textbooks must be ordered by the schools. Allow at least 4 weeks for shipping. Textbook ordering information is located on the Course Description pages. Publishers may increase the cost of textbooks and shipping without notifying KET.

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It is strongly recommended that the school principal or assistant principal serve as the coordinator. It is essential that KET be able to contact the school coordinator throughout the year. As part of the responsibilities/requirements, the school coordinator must:

  • Be physically located at the school.
  • Serve as overall administrator for all courses used by the school.
  • Select and assist facilitators.
  • Recruit students for distance learning courses and coordinate the registration process.
  • Monitor organizational, operational and technical aspects of distance learning courses.

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The Kentucky Department of Education does not require course facilitators be certified teachers (with the exception of the Humanities through the Arts resource). State law requires that the facilitator remain in the classroom at all times during the class period. Other responsibilities are:

  • Maintain classroom order and discipline.
  • Make sure that the student has regularly scheduled access to an Internet-connected computer and to a telephone or preferably a Skype or video conferencing capable computer for all the language courses (German, Latin, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese).
  • Monitor online homework, quiz and test taking in order to ensure academic integrity; in some courses print and administer/proctor paper test taking.
  • Access and report grades and progress of the students to school officials.
  • Discourage academic dishonesty (plagiarism, use of online translators, etc.).
  • Assist students with work and provide guidance and support for students, as well as encouragment to contact online teachers with problems, questions, and concerns.
  • Copy materials downloaded from the web site for students.
  • Initiate contact with KET to resolve all technical difficulties.
  • Communicate with online teacher by phone, Skype or video conference, and through electronic mail.
  • Be familiar with the technology used in the classroom such as speakerphone, DVD player/smartboard, and computers with web cameras for Skype or video conferencing capability.
  • Serve as an ambassador between parents and KET, sharing concerns with the online teacher and encouraging parents to contact the online teacher with questions or concerns.
  • Encourage students to work hard and do their best.

Some courses are more demanding of the facilitator. If you have questions or concerns about the level of responsibility, please contact the individual course instructors. The phone number and e-mail address of each instructor is listed in the Course Description pages, or you may call KET at 1-800-333-9764.

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The successful distance learning student...

  • welcomes challenges.
  • benefits positively from cooperative learning.
  • appreciates self-directed learning opportunities and takes initiative.
  • strives to communicate clearly.

Each course uses student-teacher interactivity to bring the curriculum to life. Students are expected to participate in all forms of interactivity including telephone, tutor sessions for language courses, and other internet applications, including Moodle, social networking sites, and blogs.

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Please review the School Calendar. It is the school's responsibility to reconcile any differences between the KET schedule and individual student schedules before enrolling students. Call KET 1-800-333-9764 to investigate resolution of scheduling conflicts.

April 11, 2016 Registration Opens
May 30, 2016 Memorial Day - KET Holiday
June 10, 2016 Last day for students to work on 2015-2016 course work
August 3, 2016 Beginning of Fall Semester
August 31, 2016 Last Day to Drop Students with no tuition charge (KY students)
September 5, 2016 Labor Day - KET Holiday
September 9, 2016 Last Day to Drop Students with no tuition charge (Out-of-State students)
(or two weeks after enrolling, whichever comes later)
September 11 - 23, 2016 50% tuition charged for dropped students (Out-of-State students)
September 24, 2016 100% tuition charged for dropped students (Out-of-State students)
(or four weeks after enrolling, whichever comes later)
November 11, 2016 Veteran's Day - KET Holiday
November 24-25, 2016 Thanksgiving Holidays - KET Holiday
December 17, 2016 - January 2, 2017 Winter Break
January 16, 2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - KET Holiday
January 17, 2017 Last Day to Drop Students for Spring Semester with no tuition charge (KY & Out-of-State students)
(or two weeks after enrolling, whichever comes later)
January 18 - 31, 2017 50% tuition charged for Spring Semester dropped students (KY & Out-of-State student)
February 1, 2017 100% tuition charged for Spring Semester dropped students (KY & Out-of-State students)
(or four weeks after enrolling, whichever comes later)
April 14, 2017 Good Friday afternoon - KET Holiday
May 29, 2017 Memorial Day - KET Holiday
June 9, 2017 Last day for students to work on 2016-2017 course work

Note: Light areas indicate holidays.

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If it is necessary to modify enrollments, the school should correct the Enrollment Form or type changes on school letterhead and mail or fax (859.258.7390) to KET.

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(ALL schools must provide a Facilitator)

All items indicated by an * below are required and must be filled out. Complete a separate form for each course.

Tuition is $100 per student per course for 1-19 students in a course; $50 for the 20th student and more in the same course.

Note: If choosing the Humanities Resource/Themes, please indicate how many students you will be serving.

Does the facilitator wish to receive the quarterly KET Digital Learning Newsletter?

(If you need to enroll more than 12 students, submit the form multiple times or fax names/email/IEP/gender/grade/dual credit to 859.258.7390.)

Does this student have an IEP or 504 plan?

*Applies to Arts in Culture, German 1, German 2, Latin 1, and Latin 2. (About dual credit)

Filling out the information below constitutes a legal signature, and all four items * must be filled out.

How will you pay?
| (You may supply this at a later date.)
(KET will send an invoice.)
(KET will contact you for the information, or you may call 1-800-333-9764.)
If registration/enrollment is made by June 10, 2016, there is a 5% discount on all items.

**Quantities are limited. While supplies last.**
(Video is also streamed from the web site.)
CDs for Latin 3:
**Quantities are limited. While supplies last.**
(Video is also streamed from the web site.)

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $50 re-enrollment fee for Kentucky students who do not complete a course by June 9, 2017 and wish to continue the following school year.

Last day to change enrollment without incurring tuition fees: August 31, 2016 (January 17, 2017 for spring semester)

If you cannot submit the form, print out and return completed form to:

KET Distance Learning
Linda Hofacker
600 Cooper Drive
Lexington, KY 40502-2296
or FAX: (859) 258-7390
For questions, call 1-800-333-9764

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