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I want to look into Classical Studies when I enter college the fall of 2009 and this Latin course has not only taught me about the culture of ancient Rome, but of good work ethic and self-motivation. I believe that this independent course will be a vital key factor to my success in college. I want to thank you so much for putting up with me all year and I really appreciate you offering this service!!! It means a whole lot to me and is my favorite class.

Latin Student, Mercer County

Latin Courses

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Welcome to KET's Distance Learning Latin program, where middle and high school students learn to excel!

All courses are based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning and on state education standards. Our students learn through a multimedia approach that includes:

  • Textbooks and activity books
  • Video lessons (available streamed from the web, on DVDs, or CDs)
  • Extensive online materials, including activities, practice opportunities, additional readings, and virtual visits to ancient sites
  • Direct interaction via email and telephone with KET's Latin teacher and tutors

You may already know about the academic benefits of studying Latin. If not, consider this: Recent studies conducted by the Educational Testing Service reveal that Latin students consistently outperform their peers on the verbal section of the SAT. A similar effect has been documented among students taking the ACT.

Latin offers other academic benefits, too. Not only does it provide a strong grounding in the vocabulary and structure of modern European languages, it also helps students learn and understand the technical vocabulary of the sciences. By offering a window into Roman culture, history, and literature, Latin deepens understanding of Western civilization.

To learn more about KET's Latin program, see specific course requirements.

Latin 1 and Latin 2 may be taken for dual credit through the MSU Early College program.

View the links below to see why Latin education is still important in the 21st century.

Meet teacher Ben Patterson.

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Latin Sample Video Lesson:

Vocabulary Lesson

Latin Sample Activities:

Tale of Hercules
Story: Pliny - Chariot Races

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