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It's different from other classes in that it is distance learning and I am learning something that I choose to learn. It feels more of a personal study, with the advantage of a very small class of students.

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Welcome to KET's German Program!

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You're never alone when you set out to learn German with KET Distance Learning. We offer middle and high school students connections to a community of language learners. Participants collaborate with other students from across the country, communicate with the German tutors here at KET, and find contacts to other speakers of the language in Germany and around the world.

At KET, we firmly believe that geography should in no way be an obstacle to educational opportunity! Our new German course reflects this initiative as we strive to connect students to a global network of learners.

KET German stands apart for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

Our language-learning program...

  • Uses a variety of new internet platforms so that students can collaborate with fellow learners across the state and around the country in a number of ways
  • Provides students with a dedicated staff of language tutors with whom they can speak one-on-one to practice the language
  • Won a grant for Innovation in Public Media from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 2008

German 1 and German 2 may be taken for dual credit through the MSU Early College program.

To learn more about KET's German program see our specific course requirements.

Meet teacher John Krueger.

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German Sample Video Lesson:

A Three Step Method

German Sample Activities:

European Map
Matching Game